3 Features that Makes Lightroom Fanatic Special

  • Easy photo editing with Lightroom Fanatic
  • Cool, free presets you can get online through Lightroom Fanatic
  • Special features such as adding a keyword to your photo image are quite possible with Lightroom Fanatic

Looking to enhance your photos like those professional photographers are doing? Don’t look no further because Lightroom Fanatic will do it for you.

hhhWe assure you; you will become a fanatic of Lightroom Fanatic the moment you use this photo enhancing solution for your photos. You would notice of its Fanatics Lightroom page that they offer a wide variety of presets and brushes for the enhancement of your photos.

Its Fanatics Lightroom page will lead to its collection of cool, interactive presets that your photos need. Free or paid presets, it doesn’t matter. What matters, though, is that Lightroom Fanatic has all the tools you need for you to stay ahead of the game as far as presenting or posting photos online.

Some of its features include adding a keyword to that image and inserting that media card as soon as you start launching this app through its Fanatic Lightroom page.

But why choose Lightroom Fanatic?

  1. Because they have it all – Yes, for every effect you can think of, Lightroom Fanatic has a specific preset for that. You need not seek the help of a professional designer, for instance, on its Fanatics Lightroom page alone, you can have that appropriate preset for your top ten action cameras photos.
  2. Because it is for keeps – Lightroom Fanatic offers photo-enhancing solution that has its own storing system. That is the reason why you can incorporate a keyword to it for filing purposes.
  3. Because it saves you – Photo editing is done in a matter of minutes at times with Lightroom Fanatic. You can check this out on their Fanatics Lightroom page, so you can maximize your own time while editing your photos.

All these you can look into on it Fanatics Lightroom page. Suffice it to say, with Lightroom Fanatic, you now have a chance and the tool to become a professional photographer. All you need to do really is to scour that appropriate preset on your photo and you are good to go.


That Photo-Editing Tool for the Best Photographers

  • A collection of free Photoshop actions for photographers online
  • Creating stylized, stunning effects on your photo via Photoshop
  • Cool, creative tools for the development of your photo images

Photographers the world over are meticulous about the quality of their photos. They see to it that they develop quality, stunning pictures for them to generate more clients in return. They have used every imaginable photo-enhancing tool for them to produce these kinds of pictures. And one of these tools, though, is Photoshop.

PSCC2The web is a repository of the best free Photoshop for photographers. Photoshop has a collection of “actions” for you to use for the enhancement of your photos. Suffice it to say; even if you’re not a photographer yourself, you now have the tools to become one.

It is important for all photographers to have their own set of tools for the development of their photos. Without it, they might not be able to convince their clients when it comes to the quality and uniqueness of their photos. But since they can now get the best free Photoshop for photographers online, they are now in the position to produce stunning photo images.

Photo editing has come a long way since installing the concept of a dark room. Today, however, photographers don’t need that space anymore. With an array of the best free Photoshop for photographers online, photo editing can be done in just one sitting and without the help of a dark room anymore.

That is the uniqueness of this collection of the best free Photoshop for photographers, because it allows you to make enhancements at your own time and pace, and without the prodding of a photographer. You can edit and enhance your photos depending on your mood, preference and liking, and in turn, produce effects after your own heart.

So as a photographer intent of making a difference with your photos, you should take stock of the best free Photoshop for photographers online. For all you know, this is exactly what you need for you to stay ahead of the game among other photographers.


Landscapes and Seascapes from Photoshop

  • Photoshop actions perfect for your seascape scenes
  • Enhancing and enhancing outdoor pictures with Photoshop actions
  • Putting “action” in a static image with the appropriate action from Photoshop

If you dig the outdoors for your photography and you’re using Photoshop actions, then you are on the right track. But Photoshop offers more than just your mere photo-editing tool for your outdoor images; its Photoshop landscape and seascape actions allow you to enhance your photos with an added punch.

Yes, there is always that extra advantage if you use Photoshop for your photo images. Photoshop landscape and seascape actions, for instance, takes your outdoor pictures into a whole new level, turning your landscape and seascape photos into photography masterpieces.


Using this particular action enables you to present your landscape photos at par with those produced by professional photographers and designers. You will notice even further that the pictures you posted online, through your website and social media pages, stands out from the rest.

Since you can edit thoroughly the color, saturation and luminosity of your photo with these Photoshop actions, your landscape and seascape scenes will be all too real. It is as if you’re not merely looking at it, but that you’re a part of the scene.

Landscape photography is one of the sought after photography forms out there because you can experiment a lot of effects on it, unlike with portraits where you are limited to the face of your subject. But this Photoshop landscape and seascape actions, nonetheless, will bring improvements in your outdoor pictures. Something most landscape photographers would want to have.

Plus, the idea of putting “action” into that outdoor take is quite novel as far as presenting these images to your viewers, that interactive feel that is not usually found with static images such as in the case of photography.

So if you just came in from a vacation in some wayward island and you have tons of pictures out of it, these Photoshop landscape and seascape actions can come in handy. Let the memories of your recent vacation be more memorable and unforgettable with these free Photoshop landscape and seascape actions online.


Benefits of Having Lightroom Plugins

  • Useful Lightroom plugins for the enhancement of your photos
  • Cool export plugin for your iPad
  • Streamlining the process of uploading images with a Lightroom plugin

Photo editing has come a long way. Aside from introducing presets and brushes, it also has its plugins for you to use Lightroom’s export interface and send images to a photo-sharing site. It also allows you to create an email with the attached photo.

Examining these Lightroom plugins though will enable you to use Lightroom with more finesse even as it adds more style to your photos. But let us concentrate on its export plugins and highlight its specific functions.


  • Crop for iPad – This is a unique plugin because it optimizes the image used for iPad display. It can adjust images from fixed screen image. So even if you’re using an iPad, Lightroom will adjust it for you.
  • Export List – If lays down all the uploaded photos you exported or publish through Lightroom, as it supports multiple outputs (formats), such as HTML, CSV or plain text, along with a metadata or keyword.
  • Costco Photo Center – This allows you to streamline the processing of uploading such photos from Lightroom. With Costco Photo Center, you can manage your albums as well.
  • LR/Mogrify 2 – It is a post-process plugin that allows you to put embellishments on your images when they are exported. You can also add watermarks, text annotations and borders on it.
  • Metadata Wrangler – This is an add-on when exporting images which enables you to either strip or retain specific images in exported copies. This plugin is useful also in protecting privacy by way of removing location or hiding the history of your photo.
  • LR/Enfuse – This allows you to select images that need blending through its Blend Exposures from its file menu.

These Lighroom plugins are a perfect add-on for the enhancement of your photos. It improves your images in a specific way by exporting the right tools.

Simply put, photo editing is not solely a matter of knowing the right angle or subject; it also involves having the right plugins for you to come up with photos resembling that of a masterpiece. These plugins are quite specific in their ability to improve your photos, enhancing it depending on your style or preference.

So get these Lightroom plugins now and use it on your photos. You might start experimenting it with its export plugins, before delving deeper into the editing process.

Be part of the evolution of photography through Lightroom plugins. And you will love it the moment you export your images.


Chasing that Perfect Sunset via Lightroom

  • Lightroom filters that enhances the saturation, hue, and luminosity of your photos
  • Colorful effects through the use of Lightroom filters
  • Creating that perfect sunset via the Lightroom filters

Enhancing a picture is a delicate process. Sometimes it take a critical eye to be able to come up with the exact effect on your photo. Even then, it wouldn’t be enough at times, so you experiment again, trying to redo the process with some tweaking along the way just to present it differently from all the rest.

6Sounds like a lot of works though. But when Lightroom filters came into the scene, photo editing became more like a routine than the usual work it once was. With Lightroom filters, you can now enhance your photos with more control and color, and saves you enough time editing it.

The separation of colors on your photo is more balanced when using Lightroom filters. In fact, you can distribute its colors in a way that would deepen its texture. So flexible that you can make adjustments in detail, leaving no room for anything blurry, which would diminish the vibrancy of your photo.

This is best illustrated when adding a glow for a sunset, especially with Lightroom’s graduated and radial filters. The setting of the sun is more prominent, more like that actual orange fading in front of you. Lightroom filters are perfect if you want to increase or diffuse the saturation, the hue and the luminosity of your subject.

Many people love to see a sunset. Most of them, in fact, spend enough effort and money just to be able to catch that perfect sunset. And you can recreate through these Lightroom filters. It has the capability of churning out the best sunset you’ll ever see, with all of its fading glory disappearing before your very eyes.

You wouldn’t normally find these tools with other photo enhancing apps. Only in Lightroom can you find a photo-editing tool that excavates the inner radiance of your photo through its filters. And to experience this yourself, you need to download Lightroom in your PC, so you can enhance even a tiny facet of your picture through its filters.

You don’t have to go scour for some photographer or graphic designer when you want to improve the radiance of your photo. These Lightroom filters will certainly do the trick.

Along with it’s rich collection of brushes and workflows, Lightroom filters too will transform your photos as if it came from a photographer’s studio. Use these Lightroom filters now so you can post that perfect sunset on your website.


Cool Presets for Starters

  • Offers 15 cool presets for starters
  • Easy to download with equally easy tools to use
  • Enhances your photos depending on your style and mood

If you’re thinking of enhancing your photos in a professional way, you only have to think of three words: Sleeklens Lightroom Presets. Yes, that’s all you need to have for you to enhance your photos like that of a seasoned photographer.

Sleeklens offers the best package for your photo enhancing needs. With its Starter Pack Collection alone, it allows you to improve the color, resolution, texture, and even the mood of your photos with its 15 cool presets. It also offers 5 brushes as well to complete its enhancement.

9Sleeklens Lightroom Presets is the best of its kind because it works even on your JPEG images, and with its instant download, you can immediately work on your photos that would fit your style and mood.

So even if you are a starter in the field, you need not worry about what tools you’re going to use to improve your photo images. It has its friendly tools for easy navigation. And with its 15 presets practically at your disposal, your photos will have the necessary improvement and makeover.

For a starter, it has all the effect your need for your photos. You can create a vintage feel from its “All in One Presets”; a winter effect from “Dream”, or darken the tone of your photo images through its “Exposure” presets.

It’s “Tone Tint” presets also enables you to experiment with green, red and orange colors and highlight certain features on your photo. You can also experiment with neutral colors, courtesy of its “Black & White” presets. Your photos will never be the same again with the help of Sleeklens, and thus you have a much better image online if you post it on your social media page.

Sleeklens sets the bar as far as improving your photo images go. With its five brushes, you can deliver the exact feel of your portraits through “Whiten Teeth” or “Brighten Highlights”. These brushes allow you to make changes on those details that you don’t normally do with other photo enhancing apps.

So with Sleeklens Lightroom Presets, you now have an app that would jumpstart your photography career. Enhancing your photos is as easy as expressing yourself at times. And with the aid of these 15 presets as a start, you are on your way to a much more enjoyable experience enhancing your pictures.

Download this preset now, and let the enhancing begin. Watch the video below about creating presets in Lightroom:


Advantages of Using Wedding Templates

Engagement and Wedding invitations are one of the things that you’d probably not want to do since it’s the most frustrating, annoying and stressful part of the whole wedding preparation. There’s a lot of things to consider when creating wedding invitations. But aside from the list of people that you want to be present in that particular and special occasion, you will also consider the theme, motif, design of the invitation card itself. So to help you have a stress-free wedding preparation, we suggest that you use free  wedding templates and here are the reasons why you should use it.


  • Allow you to create your own style

Templates, according to Wikipedia, is “a pre-developed page layout in electronic or paper media used to make new pages with a similar design, pattern, or style”. Which means that free templates have certain design that you can use to create your own invitation. This also gives you the opportunity to try out your creativity and style.

  • Helps you  save time and effort

Aside from showcasing your talent in making a customized wedding invitation card, these free or paid templates can also help you save a lot of time and effort. You do not need to look for and seek the help of the best graphic designer in town because everything you need is already there. Moreover, these ready-made wedding templates can be used and modified anytime you want.

  • Allow you to spend less and do more

There is a lot of free wedding templates online, however, if you want to have the best and high-quality designed templates, you have to get the paid ones. You don’t have to worry about spending a little for it because these are worth the dime templates. However, make sure to keep an eye on some templates because there are pricing templates for weddings that are too elegant to ignore.

But at the end of the day, free wedding templates are more preferable than the paid ones. If you want to get the best wedding designs, infoparrot made a great list of wedding invitation templates for you. You should visit their site often as they have a great list of photography and design related stuffs.

If you want to make your own invitation, watch the video below: